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Zetland Park Methodist Church Old Organ

None of the items on this page have been verified and are recollections of some members of the present congregation

Potted History by Donald

I was told along time ago that the Organ, Pulpit and Pews came from a Primitive Methodist Church somewhere near Consett or Blackhill Co. Durham through the auspice of a Mr W Nixon and Family and have been at Zetland Park Chapel ever since.

As to how old the organ is I am unable to tell you. The organists, or some of them, are as follows:

Mrs Watson
Mr H Bean
Miss Pat Bean
Mrs Sandra Carter (nee bean)

and the present ones which are still playing. I cannot remember who they were in my childhood days.

The following is story is not attributed

Cyril Hodgeson, now aged 80, attended Zetland Park Church with his elder brother, Laurie, and sister, Rita.

They used to go to church three times on a Sunday. During the morning service Cyril and Laurie assisted the organist, Mr Cooper, by pumping the bellows. Cyril and Laurie had strict instructions to watch the lead weight to ensure it stayed at a certain level. Being mischievous lads they occasionally used to let it slip lower and lower until the organ music became slower and slower.

Then they had to pump it furiously to get it back to its correct level, with Mr Cooper giving them black looks.

Tuning memos

  Some extracts from tuning memo books found in the old organ
11 April 1968 New wind control fitted. the old one had deteriorated
2nd March 1970 Organ is suffering from over dryness. I have had to put more water inside to try and combat this.
16 February 1973 This organ will not last much longer if the present over-heating continues.
I have got organ working as good as possible.
26 October 1988 Ciphon on Bourdon repaired
12 April 1991 Rear panel re-fitted to stop it rubbing on Celeste action.
Wind leak on bottom G great corrected
20 December 1996 Middle A# and B on great key action freed.
Caused by pencil lead between keys.

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